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All About Coding!

What is binary code and how does it work

Binary code is used to code computers an some other devices. It is a way of expressing characters using "1's" and "0's". it is a simpler kind of coding that is a base 2 system. Represent all characters including numbers and letters. Because it only consists of two characters it is easyier for the computer to read the code. It uses an on and off system so "0" is off and "1" is on. E.g. hello = 01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111. This code turns on and off a series of character to allow the code to output as hello. Below is a binary chart showing how letters are written.

Why are coding languages necessary?

Coding may seem like a meaning less bunch a characters, but this is no the case. Coding is an extremly important part of our world. It is used in devices such as computer, phones, tablets and almost any electrical device that does something automaticly. Even large pieces of machinery such as rocket systems and satelites use coding language. Coding is what allows you to click on a button and instanly send a message, search the web or take a picture. Coding is a language that speaks to a computer and tells it what commands to do and when. Without coding we would not have computers that are able to work with such ease. Also coding is an essential skill to have in the future as many jobs in te future may require this skill as technology is becoming more and more prominent in our world.

What are the most widely used coding languages and what are they used for?

Some of the most widely used coding languages are:

1.Java - Usually used for web-applications, and games played on computers and on mobiles.

2.Python - It is a fairly simple coding system that has some resemblance to the english language with the words that it uses. It is used for things such as testing microchips at Intel as well as building video games. It is even used for instagram.

3.C - C is often used as the program runs fast. It is used for tasks such as operating systems, Data Bases, Language Interpreters and text editors. C compared to other coding languages, C is slightly older.

4.Ruby - Ruby is slightly easier to learn. It is usually used for web applications and websites.

5.javascript - It is often used in combination with HTML, CSS, and AJAX. It is used for web browser and webpages.