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What are some important componets of an electrical circut?

An electrical circut is a continuous cycle of electricity that has a source of power, a conducting path and a load. These components that were just listed are the 3 main components of an electrical circut.These components are the bare essentials of an electrical circut.

  • Source of power - The source of power is to povide the circut with energy, or more specifically electrical energy. In an small electrical circut this power source is most likely to be a battery.
  • A conducting path - The conducting path is what allows the energy/electrons to move around the circut. The conducting path is usually a wire that is made out of a conductor, such as copper, aluminum or other metals.
  • A load - A load in a component of the electrical circut that turns the electrical energy into a different form of energy. An example of this is a light bulb. It transforms the electrical energy into light energy.
  • These components are just some of the components that can be included in an electrical circut. Some other components include:

  • Resister - Resisters are moslty used in an electrical circut to slow down the electrical current or to reduce the amount of voltage that goes around the circut. It resists the electrical current, as the name sugests.
  • Switch - The switch in an electrical circut is used to cut the electrical flow. The switch is either opened (cut circut) or closed (circut is not disrupted)
  • Fuse - The fuse is put an electrical circut as a safety device. If the circut becomes too over powered, the fuse (a small wire) should melt, stopping the whole circut. It is able to stop the excess current from causing a larger problem.
  • How do transistors work and why are they important components for computers?

    It is an extremly small component. They can be as small as 22 nano-metres wide. It controls the flow of electric current. It can either be on (1) and off (0) it can be switched on and off automatically, making it able to be switched on and off extremly quickly. It works because inside them there are 3 section. First an N-type then in the middle there is a P-type and on the other side there is a N-type. Electricity goes in through the N-type and once it reaches the P-type it is repelled if there is not enough voltage being relesed into the transistor. When there is the right amount of voltage, the P-type becomes positively charge, leaving a channel for the elctrons to pass through. This is how a transistor is turned on and off. The transistor is important for computers because it enables the computer to switch currents which allwos it to perform functions. For example when you move the computer mouse, the transistor is consantly turning on and off to allow the cursor to move across the screen.

    What are the basic components of computers?

  • Data storage - Data storage is a term that is use to decribe the stored memeory of a computer. Data storage can come in different forms such as electromagnetic and other. There are lots of different types of data storage. Some of which include magnetic disks, optical discs, such as CDs and DVDs ,and main memory (dynamic RAM). Most of these type of storage you have probably heard of but, RAM is a type of storage that you may not have heard of. RAM stands for random access memory. This means any section of the memory can be accessed without disturbing the other storage in the device. RAM is the most common form of storage found in home computers.
  • Keyboard (input) - A keyboard is a device that is able to be connected to a computer. It is able to be connected through a cable (mostly usb) or bluetooth. They are usually used to input text and characters,and are sometimes used for other commands.
  • Mouse (input) - Computer mouse is a device that is able to input into a computer. The mouse is able to move the cursor on the computer monitor/screen. For this to work the mouse must be moved on a flat surface. The mouse is able to select with a left click and a right click is able to provide you with a list of commands.
  • Screen (output) - A computer screen is the output that is occuring from what is processed in the computer. It usually has LED back lighting and they are connected to the data storage of the computer. Some computer monitors are now becoming touch screen.
  • Speaker (output) - The speaker in a computer is also an output device. It produces sound. A speaker can be connected seperately to a computer or it could be built into the computer. The sound produced is created by the sound card.