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What is electricity? What is electromagnetism?

Electricity is a form of energy that is transported by a current. It can be created by energy sources such as coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear power and several other soures. But to be able to know what electricity is you must first understand the science that is involved with electricity. It all starts with one of the smallest things on earth, an atom. The atoms are made up of even smaller particles with protons and neutrons making up the centre of the atom and eletrons around the centre (neucleus). The electrons are able to move around and are even able to move between different atoms. When they move between those atoms they cause a current to form electricity.

Electromanetism is a force that is created by electricity. It is a force that occurs between electrically charged particles. It is based around electric and magnetic forces are caused by electromagnetic fields. electrons make a magnetic field by spinning in atoms. The differnece between electromagnetic forces and magnetic is that electromagntic forces are able to be turned on and off. Because of this electromagnetic forces are used for machines such as electric motors and magnetic resonance scanners.